Who can submit?

Researchers and practitioners of positive psychology from all German-speaking and all European and overseas countries can submit abstracts on all topics and areas of Positive Psychology. Each person may submit up to two contributions as a first author in the following categories:

As a co-author, more than two submissions are possible. In particular, we would like to invite students and young scientists to submit contributions.
However, we also invite practitioners to present workshops at pre-conference in order to pass on their knowledge and skills to other practitioners and interested persons.

Which contributions can be submitted?

We welcome contributions to positive-psychological basic research and theory building, to the development of instruments and diagnostic procedures, to psychological and psychobiological mechanisms, as well as to applied positive psychology (positive psychological interventions) in the fields of work and economy, health, health promotion, prevention, therapy and counselling, as well as education and technology.

Symposium Application

If you would like to submit a symposium to the conference, please prepare an abstract of the symposium in German or English and add the individual abstracts for each presentation. The general abstract should contain an overview of the planned symposium and a short summary of the individual presentations (max. 3000 characters at all including spaces). Symposia lasting 90 minutes should include 4 to 5 individual talks. In the case of four presentations, please include a discussant. It is also possible to submit symposia of 60 minutes duration and 3 individual papers. Individual presentations usually include a summary of an individual study, but they also can include a planned study or a theoretically or empirically relevant topic. In addition to the content, the individual presentations should contain the following information: Title of the presentation, name of the author/of the speaker and his/her affiliation + e-mail address. 

Deadline for Submission: February 09th 2020 (11:59 pm)


Poster abstracts should include a structured summary (introduction/questions, methods, results, and conclusions/discussion) of the presented paper in German or English. Posters can include a completed or planned study or a theoretical or empirical aspect of a project or research. Poster abstracts should not exceed 2500 characters (including spaces). Interests for an upgrade of a poster presentation to an oral presentation can be stated at the time of submission.

Deadline for poster abstracts: February 09th 2020 (11:59 pm)

Please prepare an A0-sized poster in portrait format [841 mm (w.) x 1189 mm (h.)]. Adhesive tapes or pins for attaching the posters will be provided at the conference.

Talks/Oral Presentations

We will compile individual oral talks into thematically related "open panels" of 60 or 90 minutes duration (3 - 4 contributions). Such contributions should refer to current findings and important news and have a maximum duration of 15 to 20 minutes including discussion time. The abstracts for these contributions should also include a structured summary consisting of: Introduction/question(s), method, results, discussion/conclusions and should not exceed 2500 characters including spaces. Submissions can be in German or English.

Deadline for Submission:  February 09th 2020 (11:59 pm)


Within pre-conference on Wednesday, April 15, 2020, we offer the opportunity to present practical as well as research related workshops. Practice-related workshops relate on a specific positive psychological intervention, program or manual, research-related workshops on empirical or statistical topics (e.g. application of R in positive psychological research; specific design aspects of the examination of Fredrickson's Broaden- and-Build theory; programming and evaluating online interventions of PP etc.). Abstracts for workshops consist of a summary of its planned content and refer to the following structure: Contents/topics of the workshop, planned teaching and learning objectives, planned methods (lecture, exercises etc.), necessary prerequisites of the participants, planned duration (4-5 AE, 9 AE, 45 min each). Submissions are in German or English and should not exceed 3000 characters including spaces.

Deadline for submission:  February 09th 2020 (11:59 pm)

Structured Discussions

The organizers invite participants to offer structured discussions on important current topics and developments in Positive Psychology (e.g. offering postgraduate master studies, integrating PP into health care, theoretical/empirical topics). A structured discussion consists of three to four short position statements (needing 5 min. in maximum) and their in-depth discussion involving the audience. It lasts 60 minutes - for very important and topics of general interest, an extension to 90 minutes can be considered. Due to time limits, a maximum of three such discussions are possible. Conveners of such a discussion submit a structured abstract covering the topic, its relevance as well as the invited participants and their contributions in a short summary. In addition, the participants must state their name, affiliation and e-mail address. Abstracts are submitted in German or English and should not exceed 2000 characters including spaces. We do not collect individual abstracts. A few power points (max. 3 to 5) can underpin individual positions.

Deadline for submission: February 09th 2020 (11:59 pm)

Feedback on acceptance of the contributions: February 20th, 2020