Young Scientists Program

As part of the pre-conference program of the 4th conference of the DGPPF it is planned to organize workshops and networking events especially for students and young scientists. Of course, all other researchers taking part in the conference are also invited. We plan following offers:  

  • Workshops
  • Networking events
  • Introductory and advanced training seminars

The call for proposals includes the opportunity to offer introductory and advanced training workshops. Depending on the response, we will offer these workshops for our young scientists or try to recruit experienced researchers for one or the other of these events. The workshops will take place on Wednesday, April 15, half and/or full day or Thursday, April 16 in the morning (times and places will be announced from the beginning of March 2020).

Networking events
During the conference, various events will be offered especially for young scientists, where they will have the opportunity to meet experienced researchers from the field of Positive Psychology or to get in touch with them and with each other and to have an in-depth discussion (e.g. Meet the expert). These events will be announced also away from the beginning of March.

Introductory and advanced training seminars
If desired, we will also endeavor to organize introduction and/or training seminars on specific scientifically relevant topics of positive psychology within the framework of the conference. Whether such seminars will take place will be announced in March.